Welcome to my basement.

This is a completely ignored WordPress site running on a dusty old Poweredge 1950 III in a homemade rack made of 2x4s I crafted in 45 minutes for $40 in my basement. It’s doing other stuff, too, but you’ll never get to see any of that because you’re not me. I hope this keeps you awake at night.

The Palm Palm: Could have been made just for me…but I boxed it up and returned it less than an hour after setting it up. Here’s why.

I hate large phones. I resisted getting a large phone for years and even switched temporarily from Android to iOS briefly during the iPhone 5 era simply because the form factor itself was ideal for me. Even the Pixel (non-XL) is too large for me. I say this while looking at my Pixel 2XL sitting on the desk next to my keyboard (it’s so big I avoid keeping it in my pocket unless I have nowhere else to put it). I came up with a similar idea to the Palm Palm (sounds too much like pom-pom) 2 years ago when my wrestling match with the large phone question was at its peak. I had a nice 8″ Samsung tablet that was ultra thin and very well made and I thought that a nice small phone would have complimented it nicely. With a 5-6 inch phone such as a Pixel, a tablet becomes redundant. So I thought, what if I had a tablet with 4G internet and a number assigned to it, and a tiny phone paired to it to be used primarily for calls but that could also be used for texting and web-access on the go. 

So when I saw the Palm Palm advertisements, I was immediately attracted to the idea and, after doing a little bit of research (reading reviews and watching videos) I ordered mine from Verizon.

As soon as I received it I got it all set up. I soon discovered that in order to use both my Pixel 2XL and my new credit-card sized (really!) Palm, I would have to switch to Verizon’s incredibly awful message app, Verizon Message+. Understand, I had been using MightyText for years to give me the ability to text from my computer (I spend so much time at one, it made my heart hurt to have to switch to my phone to exchange messages with those friends, family and coworkers who preferred texting to chat) and was elated when Google released Android Messages for the Web. I have since switched to that and will give it up only when it’s pried from my cold, dead, fingers. Well, in order to use the Palm I would have had to give it up, or else live with having two separate conversation threads on each device without any continuity between the two. Once I verified this horrible fact to be true (testing the device with my friends, reading online reviews more closely, contacting Verizon tech support, etc.) I factory reset the Palm, processed a return request online, boxed it up and shipped it back. All within an hour or two of having received it. The big mistake they’re making with the product is ceding control to Verizon on how text messaging is shared between your two lines. Of course they’re going to push their junk messaging platform. I’ll just have to live with phones that are too large or revisit the idea when everyone has come to their senses or when Google releases it’s own tiny Pixel.